Uncompressed audio gets cut off on iOS

What are the limitations on uncompressed audio files in iOS? I have a 44.1khz stereo track that gets cuts off after maybe 7 seconds, but the same sound converted to mono at 22.1khz actually cuts off even sooner, at around 4 seconds!

This is with compression quality set to 100, since anything below that gets some pretty nasty bit reduction applied to it, resulting in hiss and crackles while the audio is playing.

Your sounds shouldn’t be getting cut of at all.

Are you using the new audio mixer or are you using the old (default) audio engine?

I had the same problem,the audio was cut off.

Hi Bzxo,

How long is the audio file you’re trying to play back?

After I selected looping, It can full play. But Getduration was still have problem

If you can check, does this happen with 4.17.2 (basically the release 4.17 branch on github)?

Hey guys,
not sure if this was shaky since these sounds are used for important dialogue, but the issue went away when I marked the audio assets as streaming. After doing that, the sounds played at full quality on the device.

It did lead to another glitch though, where even though the files were rendered at 44.1khz, they were reinterpreted in the editor as 48khz whenever I clicked PIE, and the sounds were noticeably pitched up on the device. At one point, they even downsampled to something unorthodox like ~28khz, and everything got pitched way down. I ended up solving this by rendering at 48khz instead.

This was on 4.17.1 using the default audio mixer, and the sounds are 5-18 seconds long. Downsampling to mono at 22khz didn’t make any difference, and neither did ADPCM encoding. I did have a ~3min music track looping in the background, but streaming, compressing, downsampling and finally deleting that asset completely didn’t make any difference to the cutoff glitch.

Unfortunately the device has been shipped off elsewhere so I can’t do anymore testing, but I hope this helps!

I’ve had a similar issue with long music files that cut off before their end. I tracked the issue down to the Compression setting - I had it on 100. Changing that to 99 seemed to solve it. So there’s some sort of bug there.

Hey Mark, I noted this is the original question as well. Any value below 100 simply enables the compression for the audio, which isn’t always desireable.