Uncompressed Animation

I am working on a project in which there are very few animation sequences but a great amount of skeletal meshes. I see that animation decompression is taking a considerable part of my frame budget. Is it possible to not compress the animations and leave them uncompressed?

I wonder…
The way I know it is that if you have a limited amount of animations and a lot of meshes the cost can be reduced with animation sharing.

Not sure if that helps you any, for it may be possible you cannot make use of the sharing feature…

Animation sharing uses buckets, such that there is a limited amount of variations. If I have a single animation but want it to be offset on every single mesh, then as far as I understand I don’t gain much by using sharing, and it would still uncompress animation individually for each bucket. Is that true?

No idea, but if you have a,b,c,d,e,f mesh that use x,y,z,y,w animations (6 to 5), you would still get some benefit from using the sharing.
Also try this?

There used to be a live training I caught a few minutes of on the sharing, but they either pulled it or the naming has nothing to do with animation and sharing since I can’t find it…