Unclear on source control setup for existing project

I have an existing C++ (module) project (also contains maps, and other assets like textures and stuff).

Now I want to start using source control, adding it to my existing SVN repo, and I am unclear on how to do this.

First, connecting to source control from within the editor fails with “not a working copy”, because presumably it doesn’t have the ability to do an svn import for a new project, it can only commit. Is that the case? If so, disappointing, but whatever. If not, how do I do an import into an existing repo?

Next, assuming it can’t do imports and I have to add the project to a repo outside of the editor (all other questions I found on this topic do imply this is the case), the big question is: What should I put in the repo and what should I leave out?

My project directory contains:

  1. VS solution files and a .db file. The .db file of course should not be source controlled.
  2. .vs - Seems like it should be left out, as the only thing it contains is a .suo file which traditionally was not appropriate for source control, although I have not used VS extensively since VS 2010.
  3. Binaries - Obviously should be left out.
  4. Build - Not sure if this is local settings or not.
  5. Config - Not sure.
  6. Content - Seems to be project content, should be controlled.
  7. Intermediate - Presumably should leave out.
  8. Saved - Not sure.
  9. Source - Should be controlled.

I find the general advice to “set up a working copy first” to be inadequate as no information seems to be given about what is local/intermediate vs. what goes in source control.

So exactly what should I import into the repo before activating source control in the editor?

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