Unchecking 'consume input' doesn't seem to work

I have an event input that needs to trigger an event in 2 blueprints. What seems to be happening though is one BP is consuming the input thus the event does not trigger in the other blueprint. When I disable the event in blueprint #1, it does work in blueprint number 2.


I have a few questions to help me with the investigation. Could you post any screenshots of where the input event is being called and how/where you are enabling player input? Do you have the player input enabled by default? If not, how are you enabling input from the player? Any information about the blueprint’s setup will help me with recreating and investigating the problem.


I’ll snag some screenshots asap.

I’m calling the input event in My Character blueprint, and also in an actor blueprint.

Apologies, but I’m not sure what you mean by enabling player input by default? I’m using the “On Use” event, and have it bound to a key in the project settings.

What I mean is, do you have the key events set to “Consume Input” by default? If you have the Event for the keypress selected, you will see that in the details menu there is an option to turn on/off Consume Input. If that is checked, then it will steal input.

Turns out, I needed to specifically enable input in the target blueprint, and that was the issue.

Thank you for the help, much appreciated.