Unchecked Support iPhone in UE4editor but Appstore allow iPhone to download

Hi guys,

I recently published an app in Appstore
( https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/breezway-louvre/id1157844683?ls=1&mt=8 )

This app is only intended for iPad Air 2 or above iPad family, not recommend for iPhone as the UI we developed are only work in iPad ratio.

It was done in BP base project and the project package via UE4 editor on an iMAC machine.

In unreal editor - project setting - iOS
I am sure I had uncheck the “support iPhone” box.

Later I upload to Appstore via Application Loader in the same iMAC machine.
After it approved and released in Appstore only then Im aware that iPhone is supported.

Is there any step I missing before uploading to appstore ?
Please advise. Thank you in advance.


Did you look in the iPhone application store upload and ensure that you only selected for it to be available on iPad devices?


When I upload the build in iTunes Connect via Application Loader … I checked and find nothing about setting the option for supported devices.

So, I follow and did all the necessaries steps to submit the app for review but didn’t see anything about changing the supported devices.

Only later after the build is approved by Appstore only I found it can support for iPhone.

Sorry for my ignorance. this is the first time I develop an iOS app. thanks


This is a question best meant for the forums, or for Apple. Here is the [Developer.Apple Documentation][1] that may help you in changing the settings on your upload.


I did and they ask me to check with Unreal engine forum of how UE generate the .plist file as they said itunes connect will use the information in .plist

inside the .plist has the info of supported devices. they said most that is because the .plist generate by UE4 editor did not remove the iphone support.

sorry for my ignorance. but how can I access and find the .plist generate by UE4 ? thanks

The plist will be in your IPA. The IPA is just a zip file, so you can open it in any zip utility and then look at the files.


Are you using PC or Mac?

my production in PC … and later I use an iMAC to package the IPA and Upload to Appstore

Since you’re using a Mac to create the IPA, you should be able to open it in zip utility and look at the plist files.

Yes, I managed to unzip the IPA and access the .plist

but, unfortunately, I did not find anything in the .plist could change to remove iPhone support.

some friends told me to check on the Device Profiles in Unreal Editor.
by default, the devices profiles has all devices, will it make the different if I remove all the iPhone ? thanks

I’m gathering additional information for you, we’ll respond once we have more.


If you have the plist, you’ll be able to see the UIDeviceFamily (iPad = 1 | iPhone = 2 | Both iPhone and iPad, include 1 & 2 | appleTV = 3).

For Example:


Please keep in mind though that you simply cannot change that information in info.plist and save it. What we’d like for you to try is packaging your project on a Mac and see if it works or not. That’ll help us narrow down the issue.



You can edit the value[s] in the .plist then resign the .ipa and it will work as a workaround until we’ve released a fix.


yes. it worked . thank you