Uncharted 4 - baked lighting or realtime GI ?

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I watched some guy play Uncharted 4 on Youtube and I must say, I´m very impressed by the lighting and graphics (not to mention the anmations, foliage, gameplay, etc…) .

Are these big levels using baked lighting or is the engine using real-time-GI ? I really can´t find trustworthy answers about this in several blogs I looked at :-/ .

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It has precomputed global illumination like Enligthen in Unity

Yes that is what I thought. Thanks!

Not really. Direct lighting is real-time (at least for sunlight). Indirect-lighting is 99% baked with the exception of flashlights.

But how on earth did they make these interior/exterior transitions - the lighting is great entering a building or leaving it. I´m having the problem of getting enough light into my building, but then the exterior is too bright.

Do you have eye adaptation disabled?

Its most likely either because youre missing a sky light, or your settings are too low where eye adaptation is disabled