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Thank you!
Hey guys we are so happy to let you know that Unbound is now live on Kickstarter!
This is a big step for us and we are super exciting that the campaign has already over 30% in 24 hours!
With your involvement we can make Unbound an awesome game!

If you want to help us even more,** tell your friends and spread the word** - Thank you!

Unbound is a 2D puzzle-platformer game where you can link together different realities / realms in the same spot.


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You have the “power” to manipulate a portal-sphere which links different world eras (realities). You will find out that there are creatures and objects which behave different to your sphere. There are monsters more powerful than you, so you have to find clever ways to kill them by using the sphere. The sphere can act strange on you and you can lose some core abilities inside the sphere.

Secret- It will be revealed during gameplay

Some game mechanics:
Art is only a placeholder here

How to kill a monster in Unbound:

Old Yeti getting younger:

Monsters lurking in the dark:

Programming & Game Design:
Sergiu Craitoiu / Andrei Simion / Andrei Jifcovici
Alien Pixel Studios

Concept art & Design:
Olga Ciob
Square Heads Games

Any suggestions are welcome!

Really cool game mechanic - you can do a lot with this! Keep us updated as you add more stuff to the game!

Thank you CoquinGames.

Here is the first concept art for the game :


More to come :slight_smile:

You can also find a dev blog on our website if you are interested:

New concept art from the game

OK…here is the final concept art result for portal manipulation between two realities.

This is the first level from the game:



Any thoughts?

(Attachments are unavailable :frowning: )

Oh thank you… Should be fixed

Amazing concept. Looks great so far!

great concept art! looking forward to seeing more of this project.

Thanks guys!
We started to integrate some level 1 assets into the game :smiley:

We still have the purple character because animations are not done for the main character

There are some camera problems I believe…I think we have to tweak it a little

And as bonus here is another concept art from lvl 2:


Really digging the concept and what you’ve got made so far. Any plans on letting the user go through their own portals?
Could create some opportunities for good puzzles that involve the environment and memory.

Thanks Larry. What do you mean by "Any plans on letting the user go through their own portals? "

The portal ca be opened/closed everywhere except some special platforms :slight_smile:

This is a level from Unbound where you have to discover the environments in order to make progress.

Any thoughts on this ? :slight_smile:

Looks amazing! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. What do you think about mechanics?

This reminds me of a specific dungeon in Skyward Sword, so I look forward to seeing where this goes. :slight_smile:

Amazing art style!

Thank you. I spent some time working on a sphere VFX to get it closer to the concept art.

And here is what I got:


Hello guys,

We have been really busy over the past weeks preparing Unbound for Comic Con event. Looking back on some old code for gameplay which is not integrated yet in the new refactored code, I stumble upon the old art and code from 8 months ago, when I started the project by myself.

I figure that it’s a good idea to show you how much a game can evolve in 8 months :D.

Now I’m super happy that I have an awesome team of 4. Andrei Jifcovici and Andrei Simion are helping me on programming and Olga Ciob from SquareHeadsGames does an wonderful job with the art.

Lex Dumitru, which helped us in the past with music for previous games, was kind enough to give us a song from his repertory, for the time lapse video.

Hey guys,

Here are some concept monster that we are going to use in Unbound for level 1. Not all of them will end up in the game.


Which one do you like the most? :smiley: