Unbale to use RTXGI

Hello there, I am a solo self learner who is learning real time rendering and that’s why I am using Unreal engine. Recently, I have checked these videos out


I was very impressed by the RTXGI and I wanted to try it out. The main problem I am facing is that I am an approved Nvidia Dev participator for almost 2 years. I havea access to Gameworks. But, my application for RTXGI plugin for unreal 4.26 is being denied. I have downloaded RTXGI Branch of Unreal 4.26 and after compiling it I didn’t find DdG volume. So it wasn’t included in the branch.

I have used 4.21 Gameworks with VXGI but i never faced any issues like this. Why my application got denied ?? While filling the forum every time it showed me " looks good" . Now without no replying the reason about the denial my application got denied. Can someone show me out what I did wrong in this case ??