UNavigationComponent::FindPathToActor (Asynchronous)

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but trying to use the FindPathToActor function in NavigationComponent in asynchronous mode, crashes the engine. The problem occurs in the call back function: UNavigationComponent::AsyncGeneratePath_OnCompleteCallback, for some reason the assertion there fails apparently check(GetOuter()!=NULL)

In order to use the asynchronous mode, i first use UNavigationComponent::GetNavData() to initialize the pointer MyNavAgent or else the whole thing won’t work. The problem happens by just calling the function as i mentioned above. (Using 4.6.1)

Any help is appreciated!

Hey -

Sorry for the delayed response. Do you still experience a crash when trying to use FindPathToActor? If possible could you send us the source and header file for the class that uses this call? Additionally, if available could you get the log files from the crash as well to help determine what is causing the crash.


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This component was removed from the engine, this thread can be safely closed permanently


Hey -

's comment is correct, this has been removed from the engine.