UNavigationComponent C++ linker errors

Dear Community/Epic,

I am trying to do pathfinding and using this information for automatic character movement for some time (like charge). An obvious solution is to add UNavigationComponent to Pawn and use FindPathToLocation to generate waypoints. Using code
UNavigationComponent* PathFindingComp = NewObject(this);
however, generates linker error:
Error 2 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “private: static class UClass * __cdecl UNavigationComponent::GetPrivateStaticClass(wchar_t const *)” (?GetPrivateStaticClass@UNavigationComponent@@CAPEAVUClass@@PEB_W@Z) referenced in function “public: __cdecl AClassBase::AClassBase(class FPostConstructInitializeProperties const &)” (??0AClassBase@@QEAA@AEBVFPostConstructInitializeProperties@@@Z) D:\ArenazGit\Arenaz\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\ClassBase.cpp.obj Arenaz

I have included modules in the build, namely
public override void SetupBinaries(
TargetInfo Target,
ref List OutBuildBinaryConfigurations,
ref List OutExtraModuleNames
OutExtraModuleNames.AddRange( new string[] { “Arenaz” } );
List LinkModules = new List() { “AIModule”, “Navmesh” };
new UEBuildBinaryConfiguration(InType: UEBuildBinaryType.Executable ,
InModuleNames: LinkModules)
One linker error got resolved this way, but a new one appeared. Does anyone know what am I missing, or which module contains the requested path.

Best regards,