Unacceptable Demand on Computer.

Notice the red line on the resource monitor.
This is completely unacceptable.

No other program, including MODO/MAYA/MUDBOX/PHOTOSHOP eat up that much cpu and that many threads.


Im sure they are working on it Mr Evil! :slight_smile: But yea its a problem I have some stuttering in the viewport also and my pc is very new :slight_smile:

Your machine is very under spec - you’re using last generation hardware and I would not expect to fare well with UE4 (or upcoming games, for that matter). I don’t think your machine meets the minimum specification anyway?

You want a modern quad core (3rd / 4th generation i5 or i7), and something like a high tier Geforce 600 / 700 GPU.

It’s not unacceptable, quite contrary, it is perfectly acceptable. You can’t hope to run the latest cutting edge technology on such an old piece of garbage, really.

We’ll CPU Nd ram are perfectly fine the gpu on the other hand is. An old old old 9800 get that’s way under minimum

Not true. That CPU was released in April 2010, and even then it was in the low mainstream, it was not even remotely able to compete with Intel in terms of performance. It’s four years old, it can’t run modern software efficiently. I know this quite well because I have replaced it last month with a new i5.
Except for the amount of RAM, everything about the computer is really sub optimal.

We’ll I have an 1090T 1 tier higher than his CPU and ue 4 runs amazing.
I also only have 8gb ram but an nvidia 760gtx though

It’s already been said but, your machine is way under the recommended or even required specifications.

I’m running an 1100t (slightly overclocked) and an AMD 5850 and it runs fine for me.

The recommended GFX card is a 470 I believe. A 9800 is a little old in comparison to that straight away. Also, I am able to run it on a PC with a GT 610, Core i7-920 (2.66GHz) and 6GB of RAM. Granted, it runs like **** but it still runs and there’s plenty of disclaimers and notes from people from UE4 development that state you will need a beefy computer to support this current iteration for development.

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