Unable to use the latest iOS SDK for packaging with UE4

I’m working on a UE 4.26 project that I am package for ios. When trying to deliver the ipa using apple’s transporter, I am getting the following error.

“SDK version issue. This app was built with ios 13.2 SDK. All apps submitted to the app store must be built with the ios 14 sdk or later included in Xcode 12 or later”

I am on the latest version of Xcode and UE4 i.e
XCode - v 12.5 (12E262)
UE4 - 4.26.2-15973114+++UE4+Release-4.26

Can you help me understand why UE4 is not using the latest iOS sdk for packaging (or) if there is any way to manually force the packaging to use a specific SDK (or) if there is any hacks that I can do to overcome this issue?

Same issue, have you found any solution?