Unable to use screenshot tool with good results

The screenshot tool would have been extremely useful if it weren’t for the following issues:
When we pause the game in the editor, eject and find a good camera position, taking a screenshot includes the camera widget in the lower left corner of the screen if it’s inside your capture region. Furthermore I have a UMG element that is rendered in the viewport, but is not rendered on my screenshots. Unfortunately there is no checkbox in the screenshot tool to enable or disable rendering of HUD elements. So the screenshot tool includes stuff I don’t want and it excludes stuff I want!
This leads to the following two questions or (fix) requests:

  • How can I make a screenshot that includes the HUD? (Would be nice if there is a checkbox to enable/disable HUD in the screenshot tool)
  • How can I remove the camera widget from the screenshots? (I’m guessing this is not desired behaviour and should be fixed)