Unable to use saddles

Hi folks

I just found out that sabertooth saddle cant be used on my modded saber.

The saber bp was a copy of the stock one and i did not change anything related to the saddle.

how do i solve this?

tried looking at the AI and the BP itself shows nothing. There is only 1 entry in the character bp, that is Ride without Saddle which i left it unticked.

Please assist.

Thank you

Enrell did you also copied the saddle chracter blueprint of the saber?

Nope. Ive to cook together with the saddle bp?

Check that the Custom Name Tag on your new Saber matches the Custom Name Tag on the old one - or if you want to be able to equip it with a new saddle then match the tag on new saddle to your your new Saber Custom Tag.

got it thanks…got the same answer from storm jason too…

so either i used the same custom name tag as the stock saberstock or i create a new saddle and cook together…

the former looks a better option as ive no plans to make the saddles unique…

On a semi-related note… I was curious to see the differences between non-saddled and saddled blueprints. Obviously the addition of the saddle skeleton itself in the component screen is the obvious one… but other than that the blueprints were identical.

So I was thinking… using the PrimalitemArmor_(dino)Saddle on a dino… must change the (dino)Character_BP blueprint to the saddled version.

I was hoping this was done with visual scripting in the graph screen… but alas it seems to be done in the unexposed code.

I was wondering about this too. Many of the dinos dont have a saddled character bp version, even the ones which do use a saddle so really couldn’t sus out what it was for