Unable to use Plugin on other Platform "KawaiiPhysics"?

Hey there!

I’m kinda new to the Unreal Engine, worked multiple years with the UnityEngine.
Currently I’m trying to get a Plugin to work (KawaiiPhysics) and it works just fine in Editor and Windows-Build.
When I try to build the Project for Switch, Android or PS4, it doesn’t work.
I mean, the project is built successfully, but the plugin does not work on these Platforms.
This is what the Log gave me regarding the KawaiiPhysics-Plugin during Build:

Line 8: LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin KawaiiPhysics
Line 696: UATHelper: Packaging (Switch): RPGTest.uproject requires a temporary target.cs to be generated (KawaiiPhysics plugin is enabled)
Line 910: UATHelper: Packaging (Switch):     [166/936] Module.KawaiiPhysics.cpp
Line 911: UATHelper: Packaging (Switch):     [167/936] Module.KawaiiPhysics.gen.cpp

Any Idea what I can do to get it to work on other platforms?