Unable to use FPakPlatformFile

I am following the steps mention in the thread Stream an asset from the internet, which in their code made the following function call:

TSharedPtr<FPakPlatformFile> PakPlatform;
PakPlatform = new FPakPlatformFile();

However, in my case the code failed to compile.

I have added forward declaration of FPakPlatformFile and have modified the two build.cs files to include dependencies as

PrivateDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "PakFile", "StreamingFile" });

However, the code failed to compile saying 'FPakPlatformFile': class has no constructors. I understand that simply adding forward declaration is not sufficient. However, trying to include the header file IPlatformFilePak.h
resulted in a cannot open file error. What should I do? What are the correct header files to include?

Open the “uproject” file in a text editor, I think it can go if you add the “PakFile” to the list of “AdditionalDependencies”.

	"FileVersion": 3,
	"EngineAssociation": "4.11",
	"Category": "",
	"Description": "",
	"Modules": [
			"Name": "MyProject",
			"Type": "Runtime",
			"LoadingPhase": "Default",
			"AdditionalDependencies": [

… did you get any solution? … I have exact same issue in my side . … . .