Unable to use EditorLevelLibrary while creating a custom Movie Pipeline Executor in python

Hello everyone !

I’m trying to make a render from command line, I followed this doc and I currently have a working MoviePipelineExampleRuntimeExecutor.py modified file.

I am able to render in command line with :

"UnrealEditor.exe" "project.uproject" Map=/Game/Scenes/Main -game -MoviePipelineLocalExecutorClass=/Script/MovieRenderPipelineCore.MoviePipelinePythonHostExecutor -ExecutorPythonClass=/Engine/PythonTypes.MoviePipelineExampleRuntimeExecutor -LevelSequence=/Game/Sequences/Python_sequence -Log -StdOut -allowStdOutLogVerbosity -Unattended -windowed -resx=1280 -resy=720

before the render, I would want to get an actor and change one of the assets in the components (Groom asset/Material etc). I tryed to call unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_all_level_actors() but it throw me an error :

AttributeError: module 'unreal' has no attribute 'EditorLevelLibrary'

Do anyone know why ? is it because in command line, we don’t have access to the editor scripting ? If yes, is there a way to counter that ?

Thanks !

No one has an idea please ?