Unable to update Unreal Engine 4.4

Report on being unable to update/launch the Unreal Engine after 4.4.1 went live, as requested by @UnrealEngine.

Two days ago, my launcher switched the button on 4.4 from Launch to Update. I clicked it, it downloaded about 1.3gB, installed and … went back to the button being Update, downloading about 1.3gB.
I am not sure what update it is stuck on downloading now, but the update size is now somewhat around 980mb.

The only thing that works is launching the editor binary directly or using my own builds.

Hey -

Here is a forum post that explains the recent 4.4 update. If you’ve not seen this yet I would suggest taking a look to help get things working for you again. Let us know if you have any other questions or need help with anything.

Here is the forum link: Explaining the recent 4.4.0 Update - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums


Hmm, that would explain the weirdness with the Update button before. But right now, I am stuck in an update loop, with an update 980mb large. I’ve tried reinstalling just to get stuck in the same loop again. Could there be some leftover data after uninstalling that could cause this?

I managed to get it out of the update loop by moving it on another hard drive. However, moving it back causes the same phenomen to appear again. At least I can use it now, I don’t mind the longer loading times.