Unable to Unload "Always Loaded" Level from Blueprints

Hi all,

I’ve fallen into a very annoying issue regarding level streaming. I have 3 levels: 1 persistent level (has nothing but my character and some HUD stuff), 1 sub level that is set to “Always Loaded” for its Streaming Method (since I want that level to be available immediately after pressing Play), and 1 sub level that is loaded later via Blueprints.

When I try to unload the first sub level after loading in the second sub level, I get a constant “Streaming level in progress…” message in the Blueprints graph view. However, when I changed the streaming method to “Blueprints” rather than “Always Loaded”, the level would load and unload as desired.

Is this intentional or a bug? I assumed Always Loaded simply meant it was loaded from the beginning of play but can still be unloaded later via Blueprints. If anyone can answer this question for me, I’d greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

It’s intentional, “Always Loaded” assumed to be always loaded and visible. If you want to control state of a streaming level you should use “Blueprint” type. In level details of “Blueprint” type there should be two properties “Initially Loaded” and “Initially Visible” if you set them to true your streaming level will be loaded and visible on game startup. But since it’s a “Blueprint” type you can unload it at any time.

Where would I find the “Level Details” that hold the “Initially Loaded” and “Initially Visible” fields then? My sub levels are now set to the “Blueprint” streaming method and I cannot find these options anywhere.

Also, keep in mind that I’m not using streaming volumes at all when I load my levels. I’m loading and unloading them via my persistent level blueprint. There wasn’t a reason for me to use volumes since the load isn’t contextual in regards to where the player is in the game.

There should be a button on “Levels” window toolbar, like magnifying glass.

…Wow. I have no idea how I missed that magnifying glass! Thank you very much. Now I can enjoy getting annoyed at other problems. Haha!