Unable to Unclick / Deactivate button that opens Inventory HUD

Hi There,

I want my Inventory HUD to hide / show using a button that activates the On Pressed event. With my current settings I am able to show the Inventory HUD which works when pressed but it will not deactivate afterwards or unclick once pressed again.

On the other hand, I have been able to a Flip Flop and managed to have it working for the Middle Mouse Button in the Third Person Character but not for the On Touched event in my HUD. I copied the same Flip Flop settings for the On Touched event but it will not work. I am hoping to have this as a phone game so that’s why I am keen on having this button working and unable to find any tutorials online.

I have attached an image of the settings I currently have and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again for any help or advice!


Generally if your button is part of the RPG_HUD widget and you set the visibility of it to hidden or collapsed, the button will be also not visible. Thus, ideally your RPG_HUD would contain different ‘canvas panels’, which you setup with a variable and set those to hidden or visible. Also possibly you do not have to create the Inventory HUD each time you want to make it visible, create it for instance once inside your player controller on ‘begin event’.

Your button is only showing the blueprint code to show your user interface. Perhaps try to setup the button OnClicked and with your flipflop approach of show/hide the parts of the UI/HUD you want to hide/show?

Thankyou! Will make the changes!