Unable to test my mobile game on my iPhone

I’ve been working on a mobile game that works fine if I play it in editor and works fine if I package it for windows. I set up the mobile provision and certificate as outlined in the documentation, and both say “Valid” in the Platform - iOS settings.

I’m following the instructions here to launch the game on my iPhone: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/iOS/QuickStart/7/index.html

When I launch it, however, the deployment fails with this error: “PackagingResults:Error: Error Deployment failed! Unknown Error”

Not very helpful. Looking up, I also see these errors:

LogPlayLevel: BuildCommand.Execute: ERROR: BUILD FAILED
LogPlayLevel: Program.Main: ERROR: AutomationTool terminated with exception:
LogPlayLevel: Program.Main: ERROR: Exception in AutomationUtils.Automation: Unabled to build Project E:/EpicGames/Epic Games/4.10\Engine\Source\Programs\IOS\MobileDeviceInterface\MobileDeviceInterface.csproj. Project file not found.

Indeed, there isn’t even a “\Programs” folder in my Engine\Source folder, so that file does not exist. This game is made entirely in Blueprint, using 4.10.

What am I missing or needing to do to get this to work? Thanks.

Well, I had another small project I made a few weeks ago that I decided to try deploying to my phone through the same workflow, using the same certificate and mobile provision, and it worked flawlessly.

So, despite the original app only ever having been Blueprint, it thinks code is involved. When I said “it packaged and built fine” for WIndows, I had forgotten that it told me I needed to install Visual Studio, for the compiler.

Why would that happen when the game is only in Blueprint? And, how can I fix it without making an entirely new project?

I had read elsewhere that someone had the same issue and it was a plugin, so I combed through the active plugins and ended up disabling Leap Motion Controller plugin. The app deployed to my phone after that.