Unable to Successfully Bind Own Actions (4.11.1)

I’ve been following the video series here which revolves around creating a simple minigame in which you can move a character towards a spawned item and collect it using a keypress.

I have reached the point (video 10) where the pickups have been configured to spawn correctly, and the action they take when collected (simply destroying themselves) has been defined.
The function that interacts with the pickups has also been created, all that remains is to connect this to a player input.
I have followed the tutorial’s steps in using the InputComponent->BindAction() within the pre-generated SetupPlayerInputComponent function, and then connecting the action to a specific keypress within the UE Editor, but when I attempt to preview the level the action never takes place.

The character responds to all of the predefined inputs (movement, jumping) but my action does not occur.

It doesn’t appear to be a case of defining the pickup behaviour incorrectly, as a log message placed within the action’s intended function is never called.

The tutorial was created for version 4.9, has there been a change to the way that actions are bound that would cause this sort of behaviour to take place?

Took a brief look at the tutorial. Everything fine there and still up to date. Did you made a Typo On the Keybinding inside the Editor or Bound a Axis instead of a Action? As far as I can tell there are no Errors.

I managed to get it to work finally through a bit of poking around.
It turns out that the GameMode is set to use a default character class tucked away in a subdirectory:


Rather than the class that was provided as your Game Character class when you create the project:


Needless to say, this is pretty counter-intuitive.

I did find a setting within the editor under the World Settings where it appears as if the Pawn Class used for your Character is settable based on the GameMode in use, but the dropdown to do so was greyed out and inaccessible:

The only way I found to get around this was to manually set the Character Pawn Blueprint path string within the GameMode.cpp:

Given that there is no mention to having to update which Pawn class the game will use as the player character within the tutorial either within the code or in the Editor (they simply dive into the generated class and make the changes within that, which are immediately reflected within the preview) I can only assume that this is something which has come into effect in a version of the engine since 4.9.

Sry I thought you modified the character that comes with the project. That one will be assigned by default in the GameMode. You can also make a BP GameMode its a little easier to set defaults there than trough c++

I did modify the one that came with the project - the character in my second image was the one in the parent directory from its creation. I didn’t create it, I just edited it.

The one that was used was in the ThirdPerson subdir.

I hadn’t considered Blueprinting the GameMode, I’ll play around with that and see what I can do with that.