Unable to start launcher after downloading engine + demos (Win 7)


I’ve successfully run the launcher, downloaded the entire engine and all of the demo scenes in the Learn section.

However, when I then attempted to run UE4 via the launcher nothing happened.

I then quit the launcher and restarted it but it is now generating an error when I launch it:
Error! No version information retrieved.

If I click OK, it says:
Error! Did not get a response. Are you connected to the internet?

If I add -HHTP=Curl to the shortcut, the launcher hangs:
Please wait - checking for update.

So far, I’ve followed the trouble-shooting steps here:

1) I’ve turned the firewall off.

2) I’ve made sure that all TLS 1.x tickboxes are on.

3) I’ve checked that Google DNS addresses are in use.

4) I’ve tested the -HTTP=Curl suffix as mentioned above.

5) I’ve rebooted the PC.

6) I’ve turned on verbose logging and have provided you with the files below (with and without -HTTP=Curl)


The PC components include an Intel i920 running at 2.66Ghz to 4.0Ghz, 12MB system RAM, GTX 760 with 4MB RAM. The OS is Windows 7 including all latest updates. The PC is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable and there are no problems with the connection via other applications.

Link to verbose log files and dxdiag.txt:

What is the next step?

Additional information:

If I start the launcher anyway by choosing the ‘Offline’ option, and then click on the yellow launch button in the top left corner of the launch window, the button turns grey for a few moments, and then yellow again, i.e. nothing happens.

The link to the logfile for this procedure is available here:

Additional information 2:

If I start the launcher as above by choosing the ‘Offline’ option, and then go to Library and click on one of the Create Project buttons for the demo scenes I downloaded the launcher crashes.

The link to a screenshot of the error messages as well the the .log and .dmp files are available here (Verbose was on):

Hi Playlectric,

Sorry to hear you’re having these issues, but thanks for all of the detailed information. Our Launcher team will look into your logs and investigate the issue and get back to you.

Meanwhile, it sounds like you might be having an issue loading the Editor as well as the problems you are having with the Launcher. As a test, I’d like for you to try to load the Editor directly without the Launcher (since you say you were able to download it successfully).

We’ve recently changed the install location so forgive me if I have the wrong path, but you should be able to go to C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Unreal Engine/4.5/Engine/Binaries/Win64/ and then run UE4Editor.exe

If that fails to load then either (a) the issue is stemming from your machine, or (b) the engine install needs to be Verified or reinstalled.

Hi , thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

We can now rule out the engine as the cause of the problem: starting it via the direct link worked a treat :slight_smile:

In hindsight I should of course have tested this too, but I was under the impression that successfully logging in to my account via the Launcher was required before the engine would run.

Let me know what the Launcher team come up with, or if you need any other info.


That is good news at least, since it means you can get to work. Of course the Launcher is a vital element to get updates and other information, and we’ll let you know when we have some more information on the issue.


Thanks a lot, .

Hi , good news.

I ended up uninstalling Unreal and meticulously removed all Unreal-related files on all drives and removed all entries in the Windows Registry.

After re-installation, I am now able to both run the launcher and start the engine from within the launcher without any problems.

For that reason, I’d be grateful if you could mark this case as resolved.

Thanks again for your help earlier this week.