Unable to spawn instances. Ensure a large enough surface exists within the volume

I was having this issue in 5.2. I would create a PFS, it would work fine, but the volume was interfering with the player’s projectiles, so I disabled collision on the PFS volume (it defaults to “Custom”, I changed it to “NoCollision”). After I changed the collision the foliage wouldn’t spawn anymore and I’d get the same error message.

By changing the collision type to a custom channel I’ve made for volumes I was able to Resimulate the foliage again and I also didn’t have the problems with my projectiles either!


I had the same issue. I fixed it after days of research and tried everything :smiley:
I had to change the collision of the Landscape. And now it works again.
Change WorldStatic to Block.


THANK YOU! That was it! Also at UE 5.2

Thanks this was my issue also.

This did it! but I tried all the other things before too so… XD

This was also the solution for me, thank you! 5.2

Solution for me was to go into each static mesh foliage and just add a zero on the default value on the height. Make sure all your other values are right on the volume.

Your pain helped me.