Unable to Spawn Character

Here’s my setup (if its not listed, its set to default):

MyGameMode (yes its set in project settings and world settings):

  • default pawn: Player (Character)
  • player controller class: LaunchPlayerController

On Map:
Player Start & Landscape

Player (Character):
Added Spring Arm and Camera

So my issue is that, it doesn’t spawn my character on play. I press play and it starts with a default camera class at location 0,0,0.

I added print(“Active”) to my Player → Event Tick. It prints “Active” twice, and then stops.

If I change my default pawn in the game mode to DefaultPawn, it works just fine - spawns a pawn with floating movement at the player start.

Why does it delete my character on spawn, but not the default pawn?



Player Blueprint

In Game With Player As game mode’s default pawn

In Game with Default Pawn as game modes’s default pawn

In Game after deleting player start in world

Hello. You need to set your gamemode to be the default one in the selected level blueprint settings.

You can also set the gamemode to be the default across all levels by going to Edit > Project Settings > Maps & Modes and you should see Default GameMode.

My game mode is level specific (so default project game mode is set to something different) and is set in my world settings screenshot. I know my game mode is being set correctly since I can change the default pawn and the change is reflected on play.

Because the only differences between the default pawn and my player (besides a camera and spring arm), is the static mesh and the collision component, I’m assuming its a collision or rendering issue.

Update: If I remove the playerStart object from the world, it spawns my character at 0,0,0 as expected. - This was the only change since original post - with “Player” still set as default pawn for my game mode.

Why am I unable to spawn a character object at a player start.

  • I can spawn a default pawn at the player start.

Edit: Added more screenshots.

Note: I’m using the Ocean Project Plugin, and the player start is elevated to avoid any collisions with terrain

[World Outline][1]
[Player Start][3]

Can you share some screenshots on your project so I can better understand and see if something is being setup incorrectly?

Screenshots added to original post

Looks like there is a boundary for spawning in Actors:

If my player start’s X or Y position is over 1048500.5 cm, it will default to 0,0,0. Otherwise, it spawns just fine.

Solution was to move my landscape to within the spawning boundaries.