Unable to spawn a "Plane" Static Mesh


Please help; I am unable to spawn a Plane static mesh suddenly, I’m not sure why, but I cannot spawn a mesh and it says “None” when I try and click and drag it into my world.

Any help appreciated.

Kind Regards

what you did before this happened? you started a new project, imported a previous project ? what exactly you did

I think that the last thing I did was I deleted some folders within my Content Browser which were duplicated because the whole folder didn’t move because of some reference issues. I was unsure how to change the references as I’m new to UE4. Now I am unable to spawn a plane from the left panel. It just says “none”. Also, I am still able to spawn other types of planes from the content browser, just not from the basic shapes menu on the left. The project still works, however, even if I make a new project I can’t use the “Basic Shapes” plane.