Unable to Smooth Bind Skin with output rig from ART tool


I have a my own model mesh and the rig that was created with the UE4 ART toolset in Maya that I need to bind together, however when I try and smooth bind these in Maya 2014 I get the following error:

Anyone know what I can do to fix this ?

I have tried a lot of different methods and nothing seems to work.

Alright apparently there is a bug with the current tools - and a fix is coming. Subscribe to this answers thread to get the fix:

Hi all

I have found a work around that you can do before completing the rig:

On the step where you would attach your model run the following command in MEL script:

string $gffu] = `ls -sl`;
for ($rfo in $gffu) 
 lockNode -lock off $rfo;

This will unlock the nodes for binding to the mesh. This will allow you to use your own mesh and do the weight painting as described in the rest of the tutorial !

If you run into any problems let me know.

(P.S. This is not an official fix - but a decent enough work around in the mean time)

This has been resolved. There is now a master thread that will contain all latest code drops, known issues, upcoming features and FAQS: