Unable to setup provisioning profile and certificate


I’m new to UE4 but not iOS development. I would like to try the Vehicle template project on my iPhone, but I get an error message telling me that a provisioning profile and certificate needs to be setup first. OK, no problem I think, as I already have a developer certificate as well as a wildcard provisioning profile I use in other projects.

However, I can’t get UE4 to recognize them as being valid. In the screenshot below, my wildcard profile doesn’t even show up (the ones being shown are ad-hoc profiles for non-wildcard apps). And my dev certificate has status “Expired”, even though it doesn’t expire until 2016-01-12!?

What am I doing wrong?

I’m using v4.7.6

think you must fill in the bundle identifier sown in you’re image as com.yourcompany.(project_name). replace that with the same you’ve used to generate the certificate and UE4 will detect the certificates automatically.