Unable to set vectorparameter value in a blueprint?


I have a material collection.
I am trying to set the vector in a blueprint.

However when i do this i get an error at play stating SetVectorParameterValue called on “collectioname” with invalid parameterName ‘None’
This is likely due to a blueprint error.

Has anyone experienced this?
With the amount of stuff not working i am starting to wonder if my build of UE4 didnt somehow get completely mutilated by something.
Because when i look at tutorials i am following stuff identical to instructions, and the manual but still i end up with this

I tested the same thing in 4.4.3 and its working.
I think my 4.5 preview build is either broken or 4.5 preview in general is. Not sure

You need to post some screenshots of your BP.


Epic staff was kind enough to answer this on the hub. They supplied TTP# 349533
I am to test in the stable final build of 4.5

Just waiting for the download :frowning:
But for interest sake.