Unable to set physical constraint on a child component

As seen in the video I am trying to restrict the physics between the wheels and a sphere (child component) that the sphere is attached to the car and the car is the root component. But as the game begins to simulate car physics the physics constraint between the ball and wheels is abandoned, I’ve tried several ways to fool the engine and nothing, but it’s not a bug but I think it’s a limitation made in source code purposely by unreal developers for some unknown reason. Is it possible to change this?

I’m doing this for a way to try to turn the wheel (make car turn)

Look this video up for constraints this might get you an idea how the physics constraints work . look this up on youtube.

Custom Vehicles in Unreal Engine 4 - 1 - Physics Constraints for Rolling Wheels and Hitches

What I’m trying to do is create a car using objs meshes, but apparently I’ll have to create the chassis with the mesh wheels FBX.

I’m trying to create car physics using my obj meshes, I don’t want to use fbx meshes and use the unreal “Wheeled Vehicle Component” pre-made system, I want to recreate the car system from the start, but unreal broke all possibilities .