Unable to set Particle Float Parameter but only when hooking up to an Input Axis


To anybody who can help me, this will really be appreciated. I am new to unreal so please forgive the untidy layout of the blueprint however , what I have is basically setting the spawn amount of a particle based on a float.
Important thing to note is that this blueprint actually does work however only when setting the numbers implicitly. As you will see from the picture , I basically try to take the input axis and then multiply it before setting the float parameter of the particle.
Whenever the axis is connected, this stops working and acts as if it is set to zero.

Particle Amount Issue.JPG

Just to labour the point, I know it sets the variable correctly when multiplied with a number set in the multiply command, but as soon as connecting the input axis, no joy.

Once again , thank you for your time in looking at this and I wish you all the best

Kind regards

Andy Garbett

Its ok all. I fixed this. Was a setting in the particle config

What was the setting? Remember that other people will google similar problems to you, and you can help them by explaining how you found your own solution.