Unable to set download path in Marketplace

When I get resource from marketplace, i can’t find any where to set download path.
Could you please fix the problem.

Please add this option. I don’t want to use 3d party program such as Link Shell Extension to solve this problem.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the note. :slight_smile: We are have a bunch of improvements like this one on our backlog. This one in particular will really help with people that run out of disk space on drive C.

Love seeing all the new feedback on the forums. It’s really going to help us get some extra visibility on what developers are encountering. Any other things that would make the installation / patching / marketplace download experience better?


  • show how big (mb) something is before we click download
  • ability to cancel downloads “in queue”
  • more info on the page what we are actually downloading (look at this for example, multiple images/description/package contents/comments/rating)

Thanks for the notes:

-We have the download size before clicking download already on the backlog.
-You can cancel downloads already by clicking the “X” icon, right beside the pause resume functionality. However you can’t remove items from queue yet in a graceful way. This is on the backlog as well. If your really interested in a workaround - logout - click go offline - then sign back in. Its a crude workaround but does clear the queue.
-Agree on getting more useful information in the marketplace and especially need a rating system. We’ll get this on the backlog.

Thanks for understanding the state of the marketplace - we know it isn’t the best experience yet, but does the job. We felt it was important to get out Free content examples out with the UE launch rather than not have it at all. Lots of improvements to look forward too. Feedback is great!



Hey Ryan,

I read the other threads about not having any plans for adding an offline download / direct link, I wanted to ask you, now that we have no control over the download at all, including not knowing how it’s exactly working, can you tell me, if the online download at least has a resume feature in place?

Over here, the download for the engine+content alone takes almost 36 hours, so I need to know if I can turn off the system, or otherwise what will happen if my internet connection disconnects for a minute or two. Also does the downloader have a rollback feature? (so if I have to wait 36 hours for a straight download, at least I know I’m not gonna end up with a corrupt download folder, because of my unstable connection, lol)

Thanks in advance

Hi Farshad,

Out of curiosity where are you connecting from?

To answer your question about a resume function. There is a pause/resume and cancel installation function in the Launcher. The current implementation of “Cancel” is not as robust as we would like. For example, if there is an update to Unreal, once you start the download/install process you need to let the update continue before “Launch” button becomes visible and clickable again. You can still pause/resume through out this process, as well as close out the launcher. If your internet connection goes out for any significant amount of time, the launcher will throw an error and the button will change to an “Install” state. If your connection is back up you can click the “Install” button again and it will resume. You wont have a corrupt download because it downloads in chunks. Worst case it will re-download the last partially downloaded chunk.

We will have better “Cancel” functionality coming soon. This will allow you to cancel the download in progress, resume when you want and launch Unreal when you want.

As to a rollback feature, we are building in support so that you can run multiple versions of Unreal side by side. Also with the improved Cancel functionality it should take care of many of the Rollback edge cases.

Any thoughts on how you would like to see this work better?

Thanks for you note


Thanks for the descriptive answer Ryan, it’s good to see some of the developers and minds behind the engine are here helping users, I think I even saw Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein answering some questions here and there. Granted, it will probably get less and less with more users being able to take over, over time, but it’s a good to see nevertheless. Also good to hear about the cancel issue being looked at.

Currently Turky, though it’s not just me, while some of the members in the teams that I am part of, are from United States, England, Germany, and so, but still there are quite a few of them in India, Dubai, Serbia, and even Iran and Egypt, which as you would expect, don’t have the best internet connection, just like me. Nothing would be like having the option to download directly using a downloader with full control when it comes to this type of connection, but if that’s really not gonna be an option, we can live with it, though it’s a good idea if that would happen at some point.

One question though, what’s the case for the regular updates? I mean are we gonna have to re-downlaod the whole folder over again like UDK, or is it going to work as a patch or partial update?

Also as to make the launcher better, I’d say first let’s fix the download speed issue, in case you haven’t heard about it, the launcher mostly shows some random number as the current speed, not only it’s not accurate, it’s not even close, in my case for instance, while I’m downloading with a smooth download speed between 70 to 90kBps, the speed shown there is exactly 0kBps for half a dozen seconds, then suddenly it goes crazy with some numbers like 70, 120, even 480, and then quickly back to 0 and this happens over and over. If you wanna see it for yourself, you can get apps like NetLimiter, DUMeter, OnlineEye, or even simple gadgets for windows such as network monitor, so you can compare that number with the actual speed of download. I’m well aware that this is not an essential part of the launcher, but if it’s going to be there, it might as well work correctly, right?

And don’t worry guys, having worked with unreal engine as long as I did, most of us aren’t going to abandon the engine or going to such measures, even if everything stays the same, but it sure makes the experience more fluid and desirable, specially for those of us indie devs who don’t have a gigabit connection, or the best systems.

In the end, I wanna say thanks to actually care, and accept to hear some feedbacks, as I know you guys don’t really have to.

This is great stuff. :slight_smile: We definitely want to get this to be as seamless as possible.

We are trying to nail down some of the inconsistencies seen on the download meter. For some people it hasn’t been accurate and others quite accurate. I am suspecting something with bursts of data and pausing might be leading to the differences, sometimes seen on slower connections. I did a full download of Unreal and Marketplace offers on the plane on my way to GDC, worked pretty decent. I also live out in the country and test regularly over my crazy setup which includes wifi to another building and then over a Wifi as WAN to 4G LTE internet connection. We are trying a few different tools to measure the speed, Windows network monitor and VyperVPN has a meter that seems to be pretty accurate as well. I’ll also try some of the suggestions you made as well. Appreciate it!

Would you mind attaching your logs so we can take a look? They can be found in: C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\UnrealEngineLauncher\Saved\Logs Might give us a few clues to your issue.

With updates we only send you the difference based on the file manifests - so you wont have to re-download every time.

Thanks again for the feedback.


Sure, I got a copy of the log at 58% and 68% of download progress (it’s not done yet). Though I don’t have an attach option right now, probably because I have signed up recently. I also tried to use the spoiler tag and just post it here, but that also has been turned off.

Do you want me to email them to you or just post the content of the files here? I’m asking because there’s a few thousands lines of log in each file.

However this is the stats of netlimiter which I use at home, which shows the consistency of the speed itself (download was started at 12:20, that’s the reason why the first bar is smaller):

Here, as much as I dislike pastebin, I posted the logs there:

This is the log so far, which is for 68% of progress, and this one’s for 58% if needed.

Let me know if you need anything else to help you find the issue.

However to be clear, I personally don’t really have a problem with this speed thingy, as I have other tools to rely on, I was just letting you know about the issue so if possible, it can be fixed for the rest of the users, who mostly only check the reported number from time to time.


We are looking into a solution for sample content automatically downloading to the C: drive. In the meantime, you can choose to use mklink which is included with Windows.

We have not determined a workaround for the Mac OS.

**Windows Instructions. **

  • Close Unreal Engine 4 and the Unreal Engine Launcher
  • In Windows Explorer, browse to My Documents
  • If you have an “Unreal Projects” folder, rename it to “Unreal Projects old”
  • Open a command prompt. (Start Menu, type ‘cmd’ in the run box)
  • mklink /J “[Fake_Location]” “[Where_you_actually_want_the_files_to_be]” a. Example: mklink /J “C:\Users\Dave\Documents\Unreal Projects” “D:\Unreal Engine”
  • It should respond with “Junction created for…”
  • In Windows Explorer, browse to My Documents
  • Move the files and folders from the “Unreal Projects old” folder to the “Unreal Projects” junction folder.
  • That’s it. Your projects should be visible in Unreal Engine 4, and new projects should default to this location.

If you ever decide to remove the junction, you can by:

  • Considering backing up your data somewhere else before doing this.
  • Browse to My Documents.
  • Delete the Unreal Projects junction folder:
  • If it worked properly, your data should still be in the “[Where_you_actually_want_the_files_to_be]” folder.

During our tests, the following scenarios did not experience any issue:

**Scenario 1: **“I put UE4 on my D drive, but My Content stuff is going to my C drive. Not what I want.”
Scenario 2: “I put UE4 on my C drive. I have more space on C, but I want My Content elsewhere anyway.”

A third scenario does have some added challenge, although there is a workaround. Ultimately, we urge our users to ensure that they have enough space on their C drive to complete the download.

Scenario 3: “I put UE4 on my C drive, and now it’s almost full!! How do I get this other stuff on my D drive?”

If UE4 is on C, the download will take place entirely on C. Then, the data usage will shift over to the desired drive. The workaround for this is using the same mklink command on another folder where the download takes place: “C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\PatchStaging”. So, that would look like… mklink /J “C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\PatchStaging” “D:\Whatever folder I want”

Hi Farshad,

We think you might be hitting an issue we are currently testing - dealing with timeout values. Here is an AnswerHub post that I would like you to try if you can:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:



Actually I saw that thread yesterday, but it seemed irrelevant to the meter issue, mainly because the issue is there from the very beginning of download, and not after the first timeout. But ok, I’ll give it a try and use those setting for the next sample content that I wanna get.

Will inform you how it goes, thanks.

Hi Ryan,

As I thought the timeout values are in fact irrelevant. I first got the QFE, and while it actually fixed the issue that the OP was struggling with, for me, but it didn’t affect the way the meter works.

Then for another download, I even set those timeout values by hand in the config file, to considerably higher numbers, but no change. You can find the log for this last download here, for which I also enabled the verbose logging, so you can see everything.

And here’s the timeout values I used for that test:


Hey everyone - we’ve addressed this in an update undergoing final testing right now and expect it to be made available next week (barring any last minute issues). We’ll have more detail to share shortly, thanks!

That’s awesome.