Unable to set default variable instance

Good evening guys,

Not posted on here before so apologies for the dumb question (tried googling for the answer but couldn’t find much insight)

So I have created to BP actors, a box to power up and a door to open when the box is fully powered

When I go into the door and create a variable type of the box, I get the message “editing this value in a class default object is not allowed” whenever I try to set its default value, however if I set it to instance editible I am able to then select the object from the viewport.

Can anyone tell me where im going wrong with this please?


Hi Caboose,

Yes setting it as instance editable and selecting from the viewport and actor instance details tab is working, however I dont understand why it wont just let me set the same default value within the blueprint?

I have attached some more screenshots

I want to get this result but without having to use it as a soft object ref