Unable to select Instanced static mesh in viewport?


I am using a blueprint to spawn instanced static meshes through the construction script. However, I am unable to select the spawned meshes by clicking on it in the viewport. The only way for me to select it is through the scene outliner. When I drag my cursor over to the mesh, it turns into a move cursor and when I click on the instanced static mesh, it does not get selected (no it is not transparent). Everything else in the scene selects just fine, it is just the instanced meshes that do not get selected. Since I haven’t seen any complaints about this I am wondering if this is a bug?


Ah I see, that makes sense.

Thanks Eric

Hey HynoticShark -

This is working as expected. Those meshes don’t actually exist in anything but the blueprint which spawns them. You can set up a movement to them or set a spawn location through the blueprint, but in the level viewport itself all that exists is the blueprint.

Eric Ketchum

I just made a few changes to this blueprint and now I am able to select it in the editor viewport… I basically added a static mesh component to the blueprint (from the components tab) and set visibility to false and show in game to false. After adding this component I am able to select the blueprint by clicking on any of the generated instanced meshes. Is that normal?

Hey HynoticShark -

Yes, that is expected behavior and a work around that I didn’t think about when I answered your question yesterday. Do realize that your instanced mesh are selected because of the added bounds of the component object which means that the engine is rendering that mesh (and I am assuming that you are using the same mesh) twice, once fully and the bounds twice. It would be a small hit to performance and if it offers the functionality you need its probably worth the effort.

Good Catch

-Eric Ketchum