Unable to see displacement in Megascans surfaces

I am playing around in Unreal and for the life of me cannot figure out how to displace the geometry in UE5 using a Megascans surface shader.

When I open the master material the Blue channel of the ARD node has no outgoing connections. The MF_MapAdjustments has no Depth incoming connections either. It only shows AO, Albedo (v3), Metallic (S), Roughness (S), Tangent Normal (V3) and Tangent Normal Rotation Angle (S).

Where do I connect the Blue channel to?

Please help me out! thanks!

Is this UE5? Displacement has been deprecated ( the pin should be greyed out ).

Yes that is UE5. And if displacement has been depricated, how do I get the same result as the render shown in Bridge. I am trying out a surface and in its material preview, you can clearly see the sphere geo deforming.

How do I get the same deformation on my surface in UE5?

Right now, I don’t think there’s a great alternative. You basically have world position offset, and runtime virtual textures ( but I -think- that’s more a landscape thing… )

I see this link, but haven’t watched it

Ah okay. Thank you for the link!

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