Unable to save the map with a Blueprint actor that has a ProceduralMeshComponent inside it

Hi all,

i found this bug, if i create a Blueprint with a ProceduralMeshComponent inside it and i drop it in the map i’m no longer able to save the map

Step to reproduce

  1. Create a Blueprint Actor
  2. Add a ProceduralMeshComponent to your Blueprint Actor
  3. Drag and drop your Blueprint Actor into the map
  4. Try to save the map

Warning Can’t save D:/Gamedev/UE4/Projects/Ex413P2/Content/Maps/LVL_TestEnv.umap: Graph is linked to external private object BodySetup /Game/Blueprint/BP_Test.BP_Test_C:ProceduralMesh_GEN_VARIABLE.BodySetup_0 (ProcMeshBodySetup)

This happen only with pure Blueprint, if i do it in C++ or i create a Blueprint based on a C++ class that contain a ProceduralMeshComponent all work fine.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello ZioYuri78,

Thank you for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this issue in 4.13 Preview 3 so I decided to give it a try on our latest internal version of 4.13 (closer to the full release version.) It seems that it was caught somewhere in QA and fixed as it isn’t happening in that version. As such, the fix for this should be coming with the full release of 4.13.

Have a nice day!

Good to know, thanks!

Had a mixup on my part, so this is actually occurring in our latest version but another user also reported this and another member caught it. Here’s the bug report for it. This is a major one so it should be fixed before 4.13 release.

Booya. Current Workaround: spawn it in the level instead of just placing it :wink: