Unable to save keyboard shortcuts to all Projects

When configuring keyboard shortcuts I am able to set a hotkey only for the current project I am in. The Set as Default button is grayed out.
The shortcut works fine in the current project, but as soon as I open a new project (I am a teacher, so I am opening new projects constantly) the hotkey no longer exists.

Is there a workaround or way to set a hotkey globally for all projects? Or is it possible to set hotkeys only in the current project?


Hi KellyWergin,

In UE4.10, I was able to set up some test Hot Keys. Then export and save these settings as “Test.ini” (You may have to import these settings but I don’t know it that is required) Close and restart the editor. The editor restarts with the settings I saved to the .ini file until Reset to Defaults is selected, even after closing the Editor, opening a different version of the engine (4.9) then restarting the editor and opening UE4.10 again.

Note that if you use a different version of the Editor, you will have to import the settings from the original version you saved your settings from and save a copy in the directory of the current version you are working in.

Please try this and let me know if it does not resolve your issue.



Thanks for the quick response. This worked.
Is there a recommended place to save the Test.ini file? Or can it be deleted after the initial export?

Save them in the Config directory of each Engine version of the project:

  • Unreal Projects>[Your Project Version 9]>Config>YourSettings.ini
  • Unreal Projects>[Your Project Version 10]>Config>YourSettings.ini
  • etc.

If you start a new project in a version of the editor you have already set up the hotkeys in, you may need to import your settings from a project folder where you set them up initially and save them to your current project file.

Thank you!