Unable to run custom event on begin play? [Multiplayer]

So here’s an interesting little problem I’m having, I made a Hud while following the UMG quickstart guide and decided I wanted to make it multiplayer-ready, so I proceeded to make the widget creation in the playercontroller and call it on the pawn’s begin play as such:

Skärmdump 2014-10-23 02.07.25.png

Skärmdump 2014-10-23 02.07.29.png

This didn’t work on the client however, as the HUD only loaded on the server. After some testing I decided to try and call the function a little bit later in the blueprint (I made it so that I could call it by pressing E) and lo and behold, it works!

So any ideas/workarounds on this?

If Im right you have to create a custom event that is replicated, then you call it on the event begin play, and your function “switch golem” should be called from the newly created event:

begin play > custom replicated event

custom replicated event > switch golem

Moreover, you should call the replicated event only on server, would be nice to make a “switch has authority” before calling the repliated event

I think thats what youre looking for