Unable to rotate actor past 360 degrees

I’m new to Unreal and setting up a Matinee animation that involves making an object spin. To do this, I’d like to add a key in my animation with the rotation of the object set at 1080, so it would make a full 3 revolutions on that axis over the course of the sequence.

However when I attempt to set the rotation, it won’t let me enter a value past 359.9:


Is there any way to rotate an actor past 360 degrees during the animation sequence to achieve this effect? Thanks for any input.

I’d try making it go from 0 - 359 three times in a row in a third of the time each you were trying to make it go to 1080.

Immediately after the key for 359, make a new key setting it back to 0.

That doesn’t work because the actor keeps its rotation value of 359, regardless of how many keys I add on my timeline.

Thanks for your suggestions. Having it rotate back to 0 in a single frame with another key would work theoretically, but there’s another problem: every time I try to enter a value like 359, it “snaps” back to some other rotation value. Even if I drag the rotation as far as possible under the Transform field, it still ends up changing to some other value that I didn’t want as soon as I let go of the mouse button. This happens with every actor I have in the game.

Essentially I just want a way to tell the animator to rotate my object by X number of degrees over the specified timeline. Is there any way to do that in Matinee?

Dragging the rotation is just one way! you can actually type in the rotation values with keyboard if dragging limits it

Yes I normally prefer to type in values, but as mentioned it still can’t rotate anything past 359 degrees and still doesn’t even keep the value I enter. There has to be some way to specify a total rotation over time in matinee, but I’m not seeing it anywhere.

ok, so I just did this and put in a Z rotation of 1080 degrees over one second and it spun around 3 times just fine. make sure you’re using euler rotations and not quats as explained in the documentation:


Perfect, that’s exactly what I needed! Thanks so much for the help :slight_smile:

Glad we got ya sorted out! Good luck on your project.