Unable to rename PCG parameters on macos Sonoma

I’m running into a weird error in ue 5.3.2 (compiled from source) on my macbook pro M1 Max running macos 14.5. The error is in PCH builds, too.

When I add a new parameter to a PCG graph then try to rename it nothing happens in the UI and I see the following error in the logs:

UnrealEditor[6876:512455] [miscellany] CLIENT ERROR: TUINSRemoteViewController does not override -viewServiceDidTerminateWithError: and thus cannot react to catastrophic errors beyond logging them

I’ve googled the name of the library here and it seems to be an internal private library from Apple which is responsible for a number of bugs. I’m not sure where to report this, tbh.

It’s still possible to use the procedural graph functions, but it’s super unfriendly to have a bunch of “New Parameter ##” variables.

I found a way to rename PCG Parameters without using the dropdown menu!

You have to click on the parameter name text in the left third to half or so (if you go too far to the right you get the dropdown menu)… It’s a little finicky but at least it works.

ETA: Playing with it some more it might actually be more about timing – a slow double-click seems to be pretty reliable.