Unable to renable my Character

Hello! I am trying to disable my character from being able to move once the key “I” is pressed, then a UI Menu is opened. This I have accomplished, however I want the player to be able to press the key “Esc” and it re enables the character and closes the UI Menu. I am disabling the character via “Set Input Mode UI Only” and trying to re enable via “Set Input Mode Game Only.” Any help is appreciated!


it looks like your disabling all input from the controller. dont have ue4 open atm so i cant test this but it may be a possible issue. if your setting input mode to ui you shouldnt need to disable input from the player.

Yes, I tried other forms like disabling movement and breaking movement, however when I do these, you still can move when in the menu.

cast to your character and then get character movement and then get stop immediately it will work no problem
but the whole code would need to be re written

I would try and use “Set Input Mode Game and UI” instead of “Set input Mode UI Only”, adding a bool to you character movement for a fail safe is always a good idea also.


This is a little setup that I use to stop all input except for the Mouse Input. If my widget requires me to type, there is no issues using the keyboard to type with. The character will not receive any input. However, if you have keys on your keyboard for things like “Jump” or “Crouch”, etc. Then I recommend overriding them with a simple check. (See figure 2)