Unable to Receive Keyboard InputAction on Pawn

I have my BP_Player_Controller blueprint handling InputAction for Movement, which works and registers keyboard inputs assigned in Project Setting Input Mappings (All of them).

I used to have “InputAction Burst” in the BP_Player_Controller blueprint (Registered Keyboard Inputs Fine Here), and decided it was better to have it in the BP_Player_Ship blueprint. When I put the InputAction in the BP_Player_Ship blueprint (Pawn) it will not register keyboard inputs assigned to InputAction Burst, however the mouse button assigned to the InputAction will register. I removed the inputaction from the BP_Player_Controller blueprint to avoid conflicts and still does not register. Auto-reive input is set to Player 0 and Priority is 0 for both blueprints. I even tried setting priority to -1 and 1 in BP_Player_Controller blueprint ad still did not register. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Have you tried On Event Begin Play —> Enable Input

BP_Player_Ship is set as default pawn, and has Auto Receive Input Player 0, so I believe that is not needed. Howeever, I added just to check and still no go, receives (outputs) mouse inputaction, but no keyboard inputactions, and neither the direct “w” action I added in the blueprint :frowning:

Technically, you do not need set ‘Auto Receive Input Player 0’ for the Pawn, it receives input already.

If you have the same input in more than 1 place, whoever gets it first consumes it and it will not propagate further. There is a very specific order in which input is processed, and it also has little to do with input priority, although you’re not asking about that here.

I removed the inputaction from the
BP_Player_Controller blueprint to
avoid conflicts and still does not

Are you sure you do not have the same input in more than 1 place?

While I would generally not recommend this, you can select an input node and untick Consume Input to prevent it from happening.

As a test, create a new input in the Pawn, one for a key you do not use anywhere, or even use a simple input key to test it. Does it fire?


Also, is your ship the only Pawn in the scene? Perhaps another pawn is interfering?

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It is actually quite informative and someone will find it useful at some point!

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Thanks for this, I don’t know why I didn’t set it to a key I knew was not being used for testing, feel lil dumb hahaha.
As it turns out, thanks to you mentioning another input being consumed, I had the “W” key in a axismapping, and in a function in the BP_Player_Controller I was using the “get input Left Y-Axis” node, whichI did not realize was consuming the input, I thought it was just reading the values like Get Thumbstick Axis does. Once I unchecked “consume input” for those nodes it is working. I was under the impression Input would be consumed from the Input Axis EVENT, and not these nodes, and I was not using the Event to avoid it ticking every frame.
Thanks for the help, since this is all in comments, how do I mark this as the asnwer so you can get some deserved Karma?