"Unable to read project status" with .uproject

I receive this message …


when I try to open a .uproject file (DetectiveOffice.uproject) i downloaded from a friends repository. My file structure looks like this:

I looked at the properties of each .uproject file i downloaded and noticed that they are 0kb, but apparently this shouldn’t be an issue since my friend uses the exact same files he uses from the same repository. So my question is/are:

  • Is the file structure wrong?
  • Are the files just corrupted?
  • if the files these were developed were created under 4.8 or under, and i try to open them from 4.9, will this cause any difference? If so, should I downgrade?


The file is assigned to your friend and may be protected by UE4.
To fix this problem I need to know the type of file this is, because every file is a .uproject. What sorts of contents is this file meant to contain? The file structure is correct.

Nevermind. Was able to solve with my friend. Turns out my .rar software was broken. Changing the file into a .zip and extracting with my Macs default extractor solved my issue.