Unable to reach Epic servers?



I’m trying to run UE4 launcher on my workstation.

Specs: HP Z620, Win 7 64bit SP1, Intel Xeon 2.60GHz, 64gb RAM, nVidia Quadro K5000 - Driver 331.82

I’m currently running behind a Corporate Firewall and wanted to know what needs to be “opened” if anything to run the UE launcher. I’m currently opened with no restrictions of the firewall. But if I run UE launcher on my macbook pro which is on a corporate wifi also behind a firewall, it runs with no issues.

· Firewall ports/protocols/direction
· Any special multicasting, UDP…etc?
· Any known issues with windows clients behind corporate firewalls?

Thank you for any immediate help!

I got the issue fixed. As I was poking around the AnswerHub forum, I found that the -http=wininet flag worked for me to connect while behind a firewall.