Unable to reach Epic Servers at this time,Help me please

I tried logging into the Epic Games Launcher and I get the error “Unable to reach the Epic Servers at this time”, and when I try to sign in I get “Connection to the server failed”?

I added " -http=wininet" in the Epic Games Launcher properties target field to no avail, nor does Run as Administrator work.

hello,here is the logs and dxdiag

Hi Guilherme,

Try the troubleshooting steps in this section of the troubleshooting guide, specifically the baseEngine.ini modification.

If nothing works, follow the steps here to generate your Debug Logs. Post them here, along with your Dxdiag/system specs.

Hello again!

Did you try adding the following 2 lines to your BaseEngine.ini:


The BaseEngine.ini can be found under Epic Games\Launcher\Engine\Config. This would need to be done in addition to adding “-http=wininet” to the target line for the Launcher.

Dont work

Hello Guilherme,

Do you currently have a firewall running or any other software that monitors your network traffic? If so, could you please add the following exception:

xmpp-service-prod.ol.epicgames.com port 5222

Hi Guilherme,

We haven’t heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please try the suggestion that I mentioned above then post back here with the requested info.

If you need anything else, feel free to ask.