Unable to re-dock viewport window

Hi all,

I mistakenly (rushing) dragged out the viewports window from its dock and am now unable to put it back in place as there is no window tab to enable docking with. I have been looking for a way to re-set the viewport configuration to standard but can’t find this option anywhere.

So, my question is… How can I re-dock a window that has no tab?

Hi FirstParadox,

In the free floating Viewport window, click the small yellow arrow in the top-left corner. This will extend the tab.

Then drag the tab up to the Icon bar window and dock it on the lower quadrant the appears.


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Thanks for getting back to me. However, This does not seem to work. Upon clicking the yellow tab I get the standard menu that you see on all windows, I.E. Maximise, Minimise, move. But when I select move all it does is change the mouse pointer to the move pointer but wont drag the window.

However, upon attempting this I changed the viewport (Window>Viewports>) to viewport 2 and this gave me the tab back and I was able to dock it.

The thanks still go to you as I would not have attempted this if it where not for your reply.

Thanks again.


Go to Window>Viewports and change your view port to Viewport 2 or 3 for example. This will give you the Tab back and allow docking.

Just in case you’re pedantic like me and want to get all 4 viewports back to a functional state…

Goto to Window > Reset layout

or drag another window into the viewport window and attach it to the top. then you can click the orange triangle again and move it.