Unable to post to steam workshop?

It appears that I am not able to upload my mod to the steam workshop. I hit upload (after cooking/baking/what ever its called), and it pops up the window to log into steam. I type in my info the console shows for a few secs saying log in successful and a few lines then closes. The uploader says that it has finished uploading, but i cheack the steam workshop its not there. Ive tried all the view setting (like public, hidden, friends). and still nothing. Any ideas how to fix it?

ohh and when ever it “uploads” my steam does not want to connect to the internet (im on wired and have a decent upload speed and this only happens if i upload)

Do you sign out of Steam before uploading? SteamCMD, which the uploading makes use of, forces you to log in (which you are doing.) However you can only be logged in once (either through the client or through SteamCMD) so log out of steam first.

Are you filling out the “test mod directory”? If so, that could make it a local-only cook.

@n123q45 - Look for a file in your devkit folder.

ArkDevKit\ModTools\SteamCMD\Logs = workshop_log.txt

That should give you a better idea as to what is going on.

have you set up steam guard for your account you need it enabled to upload using steamcmd

May not be your issue but… I had an issue with the preview image being to big and not properly uploading to steam. Think it was close to 1MB, backed it down to 330kb, and all was well. The command prompt window closes so fast that I couldn’t figure out what was going on for a bit. :rolleyes: