Unable to post on development/programming/blueprint

Hey! :slight_smile:

Posting in Development isn’t valid. Parent categories General, Development, and Community–these are visual and organizational categories to house the sub-categories to them.

You would need to select a category under Development for the forums to allow you to post.

I hope this helps!

It appears the Question functionality is having some issues; we have people looking into it! We’re sorry for the inconvenience–we’ll update the thread on this issue as soon as we have some news.


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I have just a little time away and now can’t post :(.

If it’s not valid, then it should not exist. People should not be required to know this obscure piece of information found in some random thread to figure out how to post on this forum. Or in other words, there should be no possible combination of post form settings that could ever result in error message before posting.

If there are categories that are invalid to post in, they should not show up in the category autofill.

If there is a category where certain tags do not apply, those tags should not show up at all either.

Sanitizing the post settings to correct state should be responsibility of the website backed, not the user.


^This^… Anything else is indefensible… Its amazing how such a smart corp full of incredibly talented people can make such poor decisions sometimes. The latest Forum screw-up is just a symptom of larger issues with support. Its not just the decisions that get made, its the way that they get endlessly justified. :roll_eyes:

Meanwhile posters have figured out that they can just spam ‘International’ or the legacy UDK section, or some other category to get around this whole obsession with over-categorization. It’d make far more sense instead to focus on improving the overall quality of threads on here, as so many are of really low-value. :wink:

Think one-off posters looking for help on their issue but contribute nothing else. Useless bump deletions… Or bumps asking did you solve this (without checking if the OP ever signed in again). Meanwhile key threads go unanswered. :upside_down_face:

But as always, Epic contribute nothing on here, except maybe near tyrannical obsession with categorization. No one at Epic HQ wants to hear anything different. Reality-Distortion-Field cult-thinking says everything is great!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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