Unable to post new questions on answerhub - SOLUTION

People are complaining that they cannot post new questions on answerhub. I checked and it is true.

The problem is in the value property of the ‘Ask question button’ button. If you change it to ‘Save’, it will work.
Current: <input id=“submit-question” class=“submit btn btn-primary btn-large” type=“submit” value=“Ask Your Question” name=“ask”>
Should be: <input id=“submit-question” class=“submit btn btn-primary btn-large” type=“submit” value=“Save” name=“ask”>

The root cause of the issue is the following javascript (defined in:’)
return false;

You either need to change the value attribute of the button OR change the javascript and make it
if(“Ask Your Question”{
return false;

Yup. Unable to post new question.

I PM’d Alexander, Adam, and Stephen yesterday afternoon as well about this issue, but must have just missed them. I’m surprised we didn’t get more users reporting this.

Hi guys, thanks for posting and bringing this to our attention. We are focused on getting the AnswerHub back up and running as soon as possible!

Hey Mindfane, thanks for posting that work around! I moved this into the General Discussion forums so everyone can see if they need it.

Just a quick update, it is now working again. Please let us know if anyone is still having problems. Thank you all for your patience with us!