Unable to post attachments in Forums

Just simply trying to post a 1 mb WIP image in a new thread in the “Work in Progress” forum. No matter the size and/or filetype, I cannot post, and receive the following message: “The Unreal Engine Forums database has encountered a problem.”

Is this a bug or classic case of user-error?

Hi sjcollison,

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble posting an image to the site. Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce this error on my end. Can you walk me through what steps you are taking to upload/post the image? What filetype are you using?

Hi sjcollison,

We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes, if you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.

I’ve actually received the same error ever since (but with an error message saying: <p>Database Error</p>)

Always have to upload my images to an image hoster and link it into my post (retrieving form URL doesn’t work either).

Hi ,

Can you walk me through what steps you are taking to reproduce this on your end? I have not been able to reproduce this on my end thus far.


Let’s take this thread as an example:

When I create a new thread, edit a post or answer I click the insert image button. Then, the dialog asks me to choos a file from my computer. After choosing the file, I click the upload file(s) button and after a short period, the form resets and I get a javascript message with the error message above.

What size image are you using? Have you tried shutting the error and trying to re-upload the image? What filetype are you using?

doesn’t matter what size, file format etc. Never worked with any. But the last image, I’ve tried is: 1590x932, png and 1.83 MB

And I’ve also tried shutting the error and re-upload with the same result

What browser are you currently using? I have not been able to reproduce this thus far.

I’ve tried Chromium and Vivaldi

I discussed this with our community team and have found that this is expected behavior. Our forums do not have the ability to host images. To show an image, you will need to use the [IMG] tags for an image hosted on another site to show images on the forums.

EDIT: I may have spoken too soon. After posting this we ran further tests and found that the [Attach] functionality for images should be working. We are going to continue looking into this to see what may be occurring.

Ok, if I can aid you somehow, just let me know.

I have submitted a bug report for this to be addressed. It looks like this may be a size limitation on the forums. All images I’ve tried over 1mb have been denied, but other images that are smaller worked with no error.

I have exactly the same problem.
I have tried to upload pics in
Different formats.
Different file sizes.
Different browsers.
Different computers at a different location.
used different naming conventions.

Every-time I get the same

Database Error

Whats is going on?

could you send a screenshot??? to see how is the problem happening.

I am aswell unable to add screen shots to explain my problems. For me im using internet explorer web browser. and then when I go and click the post a question button, fill in my question then click the add attachment paperclip it states not to use images over 5mb. my img is under 1 mb its a jpg. so I use the browse function for my img. click on the img then at the btm of the box it says upload. when I click upload it sits at 0 percent never uploads. huge issue as some stuff cant be purely explained with words. or if it is, it goes over peoples heads. my issue is effecting my work and slowing me down exponentially. I’m in need of some pro help. but in order to get it I need a way to express the issue on your forums.

ok apparently my email wasn’t verified and thats why I couldn’t upload. hope this helps others working fine now

, It seems my issue is related to this,

I can drag image to the post and I see upload progress, then the image and upload both disappear. since I’m new posting here, I’m not sure if that is the expected behavior.
Shouldn’t uploading something automatically create a link or markdown or something in my post?
I don’t see any of them, and after I press reply, the attachment is not there either.